Thank you to all who came out and participated in our first open tournament of 2017

We had 20 boats which generated payouts of:
$825 for 1st place
$450 for 2nd place
$225 for 3rd place
$200 for lunker

Congratulations to Carl & Dave for 1st place and lunker with a total weight of 15.24 lbs and a lunker of 3.71 lbs, Jim & Buck for 2nd place with 13.05 lbs and Brian for 3rd with 11.45 lbs. Please see the "Tournament Results" tab for full list of participants.

We are accepting new club members until July 1st. 

Please contact one of the officers on the "contact us" tab for more information.

Please go to our rules page and read prior to attending. Thank you

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