Payout Schedule

Weekend Series

Entry fee $100.00 per boat 

$10 of the entry fee is for lunker

$10 per boat for championship

$100 per tournament is kept by LCBM for insurance

Remainder is paid out as prize money.

NOTE: Due to launching last from calling out boats and coming in early to set up for weigh-in, the LCBM club member who is running the tournament does not pay an entry fee and is not included in calculations below.

5-7 boats: 2 place pay out 

65% for 1st place

35% for 2nd place

8-12 boats: 3 place pay out 

55% for 1st place

30% for 2nd place

15% for 3rd place

13+ Boats: 4 place pay out

50% for 1st place

25% for 2nd place

15% for 3rd place  

10% for 4th place