2020 Tournament Rules

  1. Cheating will not be tolerated; sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation is expected from all participants. Infractions will be cause for disqualification.
  2. Participants must abide by all Pennsylvania fishing and boating laws.
  3. All boats will be checked prior to tournament and at conclusion of weigh-in.  Checked boats will be tagged with a marking flag/tape that will be affixed to boat. Removal of the identifying marker will result in disqualification.
  4. Fish must be 12 inches or larger and there is a 5 fish limit.
  5. Teams will be penalized one half pound (8 ounces) for any dead fish. If weighing in more then 2 dead fish, the team will be disqualified. Lunker must be alive.
  6. Artificial lures only. Pork rinds may be used. There is no trolling or fly-fishing permitted. Only 1 line per angler may be in the water at any time.
  7. Boats late to weigh-in will be penalized 10% of their weight per minute (must be inside of ”No Wake” buoys at designated time).
  8. Take off and weigh-in times may be modified by the tournament director on the day of the tournament.
  9. Participants are not permitted to leave their boats during the tournament except for an emergency or for lure retrieval. No Walking Docks.
  10. Tournament director has the right to board boats and check live wells at any time during the tournament.
  11. Boating distance: Moving boat must be 50 feet apart. An anchored boat (with both motors out of water) cannot be approached any closer than 75 feet.
  12. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any time during tournament or weigh-in.
  13. All protests must be filed in writing, signed, witnessed and given to the tournament director within 10 minutes of the final participants weighing in.
  14. Personal flotation devices must be worn while gas motor is in operation.
  15. Running lights must be on from legal sunset until legal sunrise. A copy of the PA Fish & Boat safe light chart is on the Sun Rise/Set tab of this website.
  16. Boat owners must have proof of $100,000 liability insurance to participate in a tournament. If proof of insurance is requested during the tournament and it is not provided, the boat and participants are automatically disqualified.
  17. In the event of a tie, prize money will be split.
  18. A participant who fishes alone must pay the entry fee for a full 2 angler team.
  19. Participants must fish a minimum of 5 tournaments, day or night, as the same team to qualify for championship.  There is no prize for total weight for the year.
  20. The tournament director’s decisions are final.

In case of emergency please call:

Matt Davis (570) 241-5319 President

Lashawn Luke - (570) 702- 6546 - Vice President . 

Bruce Rhin - (570) 690-4844 -  Weekend Tournament Director

Justin Kublus (570) 237-0574 And Paul Lowe Asst.

 Les Mang Tuesday Night Tournament Director (570) 647-8751

Bruce Rhin Asst. (570) 690-4844

Lashawn Luke Web Master